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Weather Elements 7 (iOS 11)

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Weather Elements 7 (iOS 11)

Post by rasputin007 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:25 pm

This is a updated version of the WE7-beta version. As there is no cycript currently available in iOS 11, I have changed the user setup into a config.js file.
Weather Elements 7 has been updated from the original Weather Elements by using now the "local" WeatherUnderground (WU) weather data that WidgetWeather 3 is storing and updating on your iPhone already. That means it no longer needs to make url calls to a depreciated WeatherUnderground url. I also replaced the weather animation with a basic UniAW weather animation, no balloons, birds or astronauts.
You will need a free WeatherUnderground API key which you have to enter in the WidgetWeather menu -> Extra Settings and select your WeatherUnderground language as well. Furthermore you need to enable in the same Extra Settings "Google Location" and "Write Raw Data", as WE7 gets its data from the google location xml file and the WU json file. I had chosen those as not all info I needed is available in the widgetweather.xml file.

You can get the free WeatherUnderground API key from HERE, just select the ANVIL PLAN and DEVELOPER option, then buy it for $0. You just need an email address to register. Once registered and plan bought, next time you log in you will find your API key.

You can get your free Google Maps Javascript API Key from HERE.
Once you have your Google Maps Javascript API Key you need to enter it into the LockBackground.html file, replacing the highlighted YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY in the top of the LockBackground.html file.

Once you have done that your main WE7 window will look like this.

Because there are so many data the only way to display them was by splitting them into different windows that get activated and closed by touch. I have opted for double-tap because single tap is just like normal touch and might open those windows by accident.
There are 5 touch zones on the main window.

Update double-tap: this will reload the complete html page, it is just a manual update option, which you hardly need. But it is there in case.

Today double-tap: this will open a window with more data for todays weather, sun and moon rise/set times plus GPS coordinates. Double-tap the same area again will close this window and return to the main view. The touch area is the sun during day time and the moon during night time.

Hour double-tap: this will open a window with the next 24 hourly forecast. Double-tap again will close this window and return to the main view. Single tap any hourly weather icon (animated) will show more info for that hour in the display window. Single tap the same hourly weather icon will close the display window.

Days double-tap: this will open a window with the next 7 days forecast plus today. Double-tap will close this window and return to main view. Single tap any of the daily weather icons (animated) will show the day and night summary in the display below. Single tap the same daily weather icon again will close the display window.

Map double-tap: this will open a Google Maps window in satellite view showing your location. This Google Maps is fully interactive, meaning you can change to road view, zoom in or out. You also can change to streetview. When in streetview the picture is linked to the iPhones gyro, so, if you move your iPhone the picture will change accordingly.

To return to the main view, just double-tap the "Back" button!

By using UniAW as the weather animation you will be able to setup your own preference to a certain degree plus a few general settings. This is done in the WE7/WP/js/config.js file which looks like this.
It should give you all the info you need to setup WE7 the way you like.

Now available on my repo!
You can download WE7 from HERE
You can unzip and copy the WE7 folder into /var/mobile/Library/LockHTML where it will be noticed by XenHTML, once it becomes public.
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