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iOS 9 and database

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iOS 9 and database

Post by rasputin007 » Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:43 am

In iOS 9 there has been a change in the way databases are being handled. It is less the location path of the database then the database file name.
The file naming change is also happening in El Capitan!
In iOS 8 the database file names could be anything, e.g. myo6.db, but the default was 0000000000000001.db , but now in iOS9 and El Capitan the database filename is something like 9d780447-fb56-4009-b98b-f72a20592132.db.
As it was in iOS 8 and Yosemite, the database files were named in consecutive numbers, 0000000000000001.db, 0000000000000002.db, 0000000000000003.db and so on.
Now in iOS9 and El Capitan the databases are being named with an Unified Identifier (I think that what this is called), e.g. 9d780447-fb56-4009-b98b-f72a20592132.db, 79923602-9436-41fc-b8b6-38bc5f2a8301.db etc.
This has quite an impact.
Even though MYO6 is working in iOS 9 (with old iOS 8 cydget, which does need updating!), I could not use the "Save" feature on the LS. I could activate the "Edit" mode and move elements around but touching "Save" did not show the usual confirmation window where you tap OK and the new positions would be saved in the database.
That's because I used the old iOS 8 database file name system.
Somehow I got a new iOS 9 style database name in the WebKit folder and relinked that one to the MYO6 webclip database and hey presto the "Save" function would work again.
OK, that is one problem solved, but still one to go, which is the non-working "Back" button in the webclip MYO6 Setup menu.
Nothing is impossible, only miracles take a bit longer!

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