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UniXen - a kind of live wallpaper

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UniXen - a kind of live wallpaper

Post by rasputin007 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:12 pm

UniXen is a wallpaper with animated weather based on UniAW, but with a differences. UniXen has NO data, NO text, NO touch zones/features. It is just a simple wallpaper widget.
It is especially good for use with XenHTML!
First of all it runs on any iDevice, no matter what screen size you have, however you might have to adjust the size settings in the Widget.plist file as they are for my SE (320x568). I also run it on my non-retina iPad mini which has a resolution of 768x1024.
Secondly you need WW3, well, no difference so far, but you need an WeatherUnderground API key and you need to enable "Write Raw Data" in WidgetWeather as this needs the moon rise and set times which are in the raw-wu.json file and not in the widgetweather.xml file. Those moonrise and set times are in the xml file as well, but several for the nightly 5 day (I think) forecast. I found it much easier to do it this way.
But the main difference is that you have now a config.js file in the js subfolder, here you can change all aspects of the UniAW wallpaper settings, well at least what is left. There are no more birds as the gifs aren't animated on every device, and looking at non-flapping birds flying through the sky is just odd. No slideshow option as the refresh time, which you can set yourself in config.js, will change the background image anyway.But you can, for example, select how many rain drops you want to see on the screen, how many dark clouds or light clouds, switch balloons off or change the number of balloons you want to see and so on.
But you also got a setting where you can set the time interval at which rate the wallpaper should automatically refresh, default is set at 5 minutes. That is because the weather changes from time to time.

This is a screenshot from the Lockscreen, where I have hidden all other elements (thanks XenHTML)

You can find UniXen in my repo!
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