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Chart.js - chart iWidgets

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Chart.js - chart iWidgets

Post by rasputin007 » Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:44 pm

I wondered if it would be possible to turn the huge amount of weather data we have access to when using an WeatherUnderground API key in WW3, into a more informative display.
Usually the screen display area is rather limited with what can be shown in a readable format. One way around is by using touch events to display extra weather data.
Another way would be using charts.
I am still getting the grip of how chart.js works, but it seems it can have a huge potential in displaying a lot of weather data in a very easy understandable format without needing a lot of screen estate.
Here are some screen shots of 4 iWidgets.
The top one is the temperature for the next 12 hours and the bottom one is the wind speed and direction for the next 12 hours.

The next 2 are similar. The top one is the high and low temperatures for the next 7 days and the bottom one is the percentage of precipitation and the amount of precipitation.

You need WW3, a WeatherUnderground API key and "Write Raw Data" enabled in WW3.
Needless to say that thanks to using WeatherUnderground data it is automatically set up to the language you choose. I set mine to German and you can see that the weekday abbreviations are in fact truly German style (only 2 letters), but also the wind directions are in German as NNO ist Nord-NordOst, which would be in English NNE, North-NorthEast.
I also added a colored temperature range into the 12 hour temperature widget, - you can't see it in the screenshot as all values are within one temperature range (0-10).

I still will play a bit more with these, it is fun!

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